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Intensive Driving School

Why choose Driving Excellence Driving School?

Learning to drive can be exciting, exhilarating, stressful, daunting all at the same time. Driving Excellence we understand that it is a very personal experience. We focus on the individual and tailor our style to each and every student and make sure we never pressure you. Our aim is ensuring you are a safe and confident driver so when you take your test you are armed with the necessary skills and level of confidence to handle every moment within that 40 minute period.

We are delighted to have helped some many people pass their driving test and always really proud to be recommended time and time again as we feel that is real testament to the work and level of service that we offer at Driving Excellence.

Although we help people pass their driving test daily we never forget the importance of what being able to drive can do for someone’s life. The freedom is second to none and we want to make sure we make the whole process from the first moment you pick up the phone to book your lesson through to passing your driving test and get on the road for the very first time is an enjoyable and pleasant experience.

All our driving instructors are fully qualified and registered with the DVSA

Intensive Courses

Some people prefer learning to drive in an intensive course format. Driving Excellence have a range of intensive driving courses. With any learning style or format there are upside and downsides but ultimately the choice is a personal decision and only you know what is better suited for your needs.

An intensive driving course is designed to teach you how to drive in the fastest way possible. A big plus point of an intensive driving course is that little is forgotten by the next day. Sometimes with the usual weekly driving lessons, a certain amount of time is spent remembering and getting back up to speed due to the weeks break from driving. Some would say that an intensive driving course can save time and money as less hours may be required. However, the ultimate focus is ensuring you leave the course a confident and safe driver.

An intensive driving course is designed to help you get to test standard in the shortest time possible. However, a positive of learning to drive in the weekly lesson format is that it exposes the student to a range of driving and weather conditions which may not be encountered when driving on an intensive driving course. So arguably the intensive week driving course doesn’t prepare the student for real world driving. Due to waiting times for a practical test you may have to wait several weeks if you fail before another driving test becomes available. We do have a cancellation checker service as part of our course packages to try and get you booked into another test but the odd top up lesson may be required.

Are you a Driving Instructor? Looking for a Flexible Driving Franchise?

Our Driving Franchise options are flexible to suit your needs. We are in the fortunate position where our instructors are fully booked and we want to get your diary as full as you want it to be. We pride ourselves on honesty and flexibility, we do not want any of our instructors feeling locked in.
We have developed two Franchise Options which you can read more about on our Franchise page which you can visit by clicking here.

Want to know more about Driving Lessons, Intense Driving Courses or our Driving Instructor Franchise options then please do not hesitate to contact Michael at Driving Excellence:
Call: 07961 783676